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I tried so hard to scroll past this. I really did.

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Doesn’t that look beautiful?

Like something you’d find on one of those soft/nature blogs?

Well you are in for a surprise

The Bolton Strid in England is one of the most innocent looking streams. 

Though it looks like you could just hop across the rocks, but if you miss you will die for sure. It packs very rapid currents just a couple of feet below its surface. No one really knows how deep it really is. Nobody who has ever fallen into the Strid has survived. It has a 100% fatality rate.

It’s always the things I google expecting to be false that wind up being horribly true.

I forgot to add but here is a SOURCE

"It’s relatively common for people to assume they can jump the creek, walk across its stones or even wade through it (again, just looking at it, the Strid really seems to be only knee-deep in places, and certainly not the instant, precipitous drop into a watery grave that it is). Most of the time, they never even find the body. Which means there are just dozens of corpses down there, pinned to the walls of the underground chasms, waiting for you to join them…"

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[Painting of Death as a spectral nanny taking a child and infant away from their bereaved family.  A detail shows the family’s house number is 1918.]

I never realized this until seeing the detail, but this painting is most likely about the flu pandemic.

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"I can be someone’s and still be my own."
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cat: [makes a small friendly noise]
me: oh my god. ohhhh my god. oh my god. oh my god. oh my god. do it again. oh my god.


*snaps fingers in a dragon formation*

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my dad went to the gas station 9 years ago and never came back

sorry son my car broke down


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Full Public Record Case 2GN02026 - The People of the State of California vs. Ronald Joseph Radke.

This official public record is available from the criminal court clerk’s office, at the LA Superior Court Glendale Courthouse, 600 E Broadway, Glendale, CA 91206.

This document outlines the original complaint, criminal charge codes and arrest for domestic battery and false imprisonment, a full chronology of 11 scheduled pretrials to hear said charges, and the final reduced conviction, offered in place of original charges upon the successful completion of all demands outlined by plea negotiation for domestic violence.

After 10 motions by the defendant’s counsel to postpone the pretrial hearing, the 11th was advanced to May 14, 2014. As written in public record, this was the first that Mr. Radke himself appeared to. After 10 postponements, the case was prosecuted by the sixth District Attorney assigned to it, and a second judge. The previous DA and I had worked closely together to create a plea bargain for Mr. Radke, including an “earned misdemeanor” for domestic battery following the completion of 52 court-ordered therapy sessions. It should be known that I did not seek jail time for Mr. Radke. I asked for his rehabilitation and for the domestic violence charge to exist on his record, so that if he were to assault another woman, that next charge would be an automatic felony. It was a charge designed to protect the next woman. I did not seek jail time, because I wanted Mr. Radke to receive counseling in hopes that he would end the cycle of violence, continue working, and be able to provide child support for his daughter. I believe in rehabilitation, not revenge.

The sixth District Attorney and second judge permitted the requested earned misdemeanor to be reduced further, to a simple charge of disrupting the peace. Mr. Radke plead “no contest” to this charge, and was convicted. It should be noted that by pleading “no contest,” Mr. Radke waived his right to a trial by jury to actually be found “guilty” or “not guilty.” By doing so, he also waived for me my ability to ever, ever speak in court and testify against him. I have been effectively silenced in court, by his plea. It should be known that Mr. Radke did not “win” the court case, as such. Domestic violence cases are immediately pursued by the State, not the victim, it was never me vs. him. I was only called to participate as a witness, and only if the case progressed to trial by jury. Despite being the victim of an assault in which I truly believed I could be killed, I was never permitted to speak once in court, except with the DA, to arrange the best possible plea bargain for all parties involved, including him. 

It should also be known that there is a radical difference between “dropped” charges, and charges “dismissed due to plea negotiation.” A charge is only “dropped” when the prosecution decides that there is insufficient evidence to pursue it, and would never require the defendant to appear in court. A charge “dismissed due to plea negotiation” was not dropped, it required the defendant to make a plea in court, and has only been dismissed in favor of a lesser charge and lesser consequence offered upon fulfillment of every other component of the plea bargain. Despite statements by Mr. Radke and Ms. King, neither of these charges were ever, ever dropped. Both are still officially on public record. Again, in pleading “no contest” to a reduced charge, Mr. Radke waived his right to a trial to be found “not guilty” for these charges. In the official public record, both domestic battery and false imprisonment are now “dismissed” due to the very plea bargain drawn from the original charges for domestic violence, and replaced with a reduced charge and conviction as a result. But they are both still very much a part of Mr. Radke’s official criminal record.

Mr. Radke plead no contest to a reduced charge offered in a plea bargain for domestic violence. No charges were ever dropped. He never won the case. I never was permitted to testify. But in a way, we all won.

I get to live an amazing life in the real world, with the most amazing loving, patient, and supportive partner, knowing that I did all I could to stop Mr. Radke from hurting another woman, and knowing that I did all I could to seek out legal consequences and probation that would help protect her.

Mr. Radke gets to have been inconvenienced as little as possible throughout the court process, never having to testify before a jury or prove his innocence for committing a crime, while continuing to write songs about domestic violence, and telling stories in magazines. (Sorry Alternative Press, I actually have the receipt and bank statement from my personal account for the moving truck that he claims he paid for in your January 2013 issue. I have phone records of everyone I had called, from domestic violence hotlines to friends ready and positioned to help me move, the next time that he was out of town for the weekend so I could make a safe escape, despite his claims that he kicked me out. I also still have the photos I found of him with another woman, the very photos I confronted him about, which lead to my phone being smashed so I couldn’t call for help, and whose texts I read, which led to my physical assault, all despite his claims that I was the one cheating on him. You were not reporting by publishing any of this false information, you were enabling.)

Mr. Radke’s fans get the choice to choose what they want to believe, a story told to them through an entertainment industry that will financially benefit through their support, or the truth I have offered from the beginning, which benefits me in absolutely no way, financially, emotionally, or otherwise - other than knowing that my telling it is the right thing to do. 

Most importantly, Mr. Radke gets to continue working with the support of his dedicated fans, so that he can continue to provide child support for the most important woman I could ever hope to protect in any of this - his daughter.

For every man who has protected his abuser, for every woman who has ever been silenced, for every victim who has ever been discredited. For every survivor who has waited nearly two years to testify, as I did, and stood in a court room with her abuser, and still not been permitted to speak. I speak for you, and I will speak with you. I ask of you to never, ever stay silent. Please keep telling the truth, no matter what your abuser pleads, in the courtroom or anywhere else. His words do not give you your value.

We will speak, and we will be fearless. We are not your secret keepers. We will not remain anonymous. We want words, not silence.